Kanken Toyama

Kanken Toyama

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Welcome to all Members

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Certified Member of the "International Karate-do Teachers Association". 

This group is designed to simply, yet effectively service the needs of many Karate Sensei and Students around the World. For a simple, one time fee of $25.oo US, you can have your Karate-do rank issued by a  "Certified Member" of the Kokusai Karate-do Shihankai.

Upgrades thereafter, if qualified, are only $25.oo. This includes shipping charges within the USA, but International rates are set, and applied as needed.

It has been said that all Karate should unite! But, alas it seems to never happen..................

All Karate was united in the early 1900's until style names emerged. Now, the secret is simple. Share, but do not dictate style to another. It is real karate, or it is not. History has given us the Way, the Kata, and the knowledge of our past Sensei to complete the loop again.

We know real karate from the other. Real Sensei know the difference, and teach the difference.

As you can see our mission is simple ..... to bring together a group of Karate Teachers who desire to share their expertise, their experiences, and their knowledge of real Karate-do. More importantly is to progress the Seito Karate-do Dojo around the World, and promote the continued usage of the Original Karate that came to Japan.

There was once a time when Okinawa sent their Karate to Japan, and yet this was a time where "Style" karate did not yet exsist. Any and all practioners of Okinawan or Japanese Karate can read the history of this time, and more importantly include the study of this branch of karate along with their parent style. It is a part of Karate history, and therefore knowledge of this time should be important to all Black Belts and especially Sensei. Students of any legitimate style of Japanese karate that began in Shuri-te, has this within their lineage whether they know it or not. Without this historical link, Japanese Karate may not even exsist.

If qualified, you will receive a beautiful 11 x 17 inch Certificate of Rank in the art of  "Seito Karate-do", surrounded by the Gold Phoenix border, and fully completed in both English and in Kanji, complete with all Hanko, and signatures as required. It will be a fitting addition to your Dojo.

What is Seito Karate-do? Simply, the word Seito means "True or Original" and describes the Karate that has come from Shuri, Okinawa, through Japan, and on to all of the Continents of the World. Naha-te also made its way to Japan, and was established firmly.

For many, it is the original Karate of Japan, and was the karate-do with no "Style" name attached. Many Okinawans who brought Karate to Japan simply called their art Karate-do. It was the normal thing to do, and many Sensei resisted attaching style names to their art for many years.

In sports Karate there are many fine examples of proper competitions, for those who desire a different side of Karate. The mainstream Karate Organizations in todays competitive karate including the WKF, or World Karate Federation, the JKF, or Japan Karate Federation, and the USA-NKF, or USA National Karate Federation all follow a regimen of non-discrimination. They are not the open circuit, flash light twirling examples we see now on television. This example, like PKA, is pure sport, and certainly not real Karate.

The Kata that were originally selected for International competition, the Shiteigata.....were in fact kata from four of the major styles of Karate that were derived from the original methods of karate. It has now expounded even further within International Competition, by including the kata of all of the major Okinawan and Japanese styles of Karate-do. While this embodies the nature of what Seito Karate is, we also need to maintain the historical aspects of Seito Karate as well.


Although it has taken over 150 years, it seems the current practice of crossing style, and "Ryu-ha" lines is no longer an issue. Many schools are now teaching kata from other systems and cross training with other arts. This was exactly what was happening in the old days in Okinawa. Sensei actually sent their students to other Sensei for instruction. They had no political agenda, they were simply there to learn Karate.......in a word....sharing knowledge.

OKAY I LIKE the Concept! How do I become a Member..........Your style of Karate only needs to be a legitimate method of karate, based on the Karate of Okinawa or Japan, and one where you are teaching the original Kata as described by one of the foundational Karate Ryu-ha of Okinawa or Japan. They do not have to duplicate the Shiteigata, as these kata have been slightly altered for the sake of competition, and are no longer mandatory.

If the karate you teach is what would be called "out of character" for a true method of Karate, then this organization is not for you. We are not a Diploma Mill, nor will we ever become one. We are a legitimate Karate Teacher's Association, based on Honor, Truth, and real Karate. We are supported by, and guided by some of the best Sensei in the World. Truly Certified by Japan, and the finest Organizations available, you will find complete and legitimate service is the norm.

We are here to share Karate. We are also here to recognize your efforts, and to reward those efforts with the documented recognition you deserve.

If you are teacher of Karate, or a Style (Ryu) or Dojo Founder that has endeavored to keep your karate true to its roots, then yes this organization is not only for you, it can help you in many ways.

Based on the legitimate guidelines set forth by the likes of the Dai Nippon Butokukai, the Karate of Japan Federation, and the Kokusai Seito Karate Kenkyukai, if you are due a promotion based on time in grade, we can and will help in any way possible. While we will not simply give you Rank, we are affiliated with many outstanding senior karate-ka who can assist you in many areas of learning as well as Rank promotions, should you need their help. If you already possess qualified, current ranking documents, you can be Certified at that grade without issue.

If you are not currently a member of a parent organization, we can help with that as well. The Kokusai Seito Karate Kenkyukai, or the ISKK can offer Lifetime Memberships to any interested individual who completes their "vetting process". The ISKK currently has members located in the United Kingdom, Italy, South Africa, Malaysia, India, as well as in several States within the United States of America. They maintain an active Member Forum, and Facebook Page as well, and with their cost for a Lifetime Membership set at $55.00 USD, it is quite a bargain and includes Certificate of Membership/Rank/Title, as well as the ISKK Patch and the ISKK Newsletter.

While membership in the ISKK is not a requirement for membership within Kokusai Karate-do Shihankai, it is certainly another great Benefit of joining our group. You can check out the ISKK Study Group at http://www.seitokarate.com/ or look for their Facebook page.

The Kokusai Karate-do Shihankai is also now accepting membership Worldwide, and welcomes all Karate Sensei 1st-3rd Dan, and Shihan 4th-8th Dan. The younger Sensei are here to learn in the best environment possible, and the Senior Sensei are here to share their experiences for all.

Remember, we are all just humbly, Karate-ka, or students of Karate. Please join us, you will be glad you did.

Again our fees are simple, a one time only $25.00 joining fee which includes your International Registration and Certificate.

The best way to join is through eBay..... just query "Karate Certificates" and it will lead you to our ad. Paypal is the only method of payment we accept, so please use the eBay link for easy processing. We ship both US and International from eBay (you must check and follow eBay shipping protocol), so again we look forward to seeing you there. You may contact me at budddogg33@aol.com for further information as well.

Also look for us and join us on our "International Seito Karate-do Kenkyukai" Facebook Group, where we currently have over 200 World Wide Members. Also, as a current member you can further meet and greet other Sensei from around the World, as well as advertise your Dojo's activities, upcoming Tournaments and Seminars, as well as engage in interesting non-political discussions about Karate, both in general and technical. We look forward to meeting and serving you all.

Shihan Bud Morgan
6th dan, International Certifying Official
of the Kokusai Karate-do Shihankai

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